Health Evangelism is a method of reaching people through health-related activities and programs that will draw community members to the local church. It can also be thought of it as community outreach or even community service, but centered around the health needs of the community.

The church can become a center for health education where community members will find informative health programs, cooking demonstrations, multi-session lifestyle programs such as diabetes reversal or depression recovery, exercise groups and more. Health clinics can also be organized to attract large numbers of community members with immediate health needs, such as vision and dental care.


12-Month Health Evangelism Calendar

Download this easy to follow guide that includes the following:

  • 24 whole-food plant-based recipes (2 for each month) that can be used for a monthly cooking class.

  • A monthly suggestion for an attractive and informative health education program or lecture that will encourage participants to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. No experience necessary!


We offer health evangelism training to local churches that include the following topics:


  • Principles of church-based health education

  • How to avoid confusion and error in health education and promotion

  • Lifestyle coaching and how to use it at the church

  • Using health education, lifestyle coaching and programs for community outreach